A tough and elastic silicone for superior sealing is available from Pratley in the form of its RTV Silicone Grey Gasket Maker. This high-quality silicone-based sealing compound cures at room temperature to form a tough, superior elastic rubber seal that’s ideal for gasket making in the automotive repair market.


The product falls under Pratley’s high-performance adhesive range, which includes the likes of Pratley Wondafix Car, Pratley Pratlok anaerobic thread lockers, Pratley 1-2-3, Pratley Ezeebond, Pratley Powda Bond and Pratley Safety Cleaner, in addition to Steel Quickset, SPOO1, Quickset and Steel Putty, Pratlok Gasket Grade and Rubber Tape.

“This is a market well-suited market for our adhesives, as shown by the large number of products available,” explains Pratley National Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Bell. RTV Silicone Grey Gasket Maker is Pratley’s latest innovation for cost-effective DIY and professional auto repairs.

The product can tolerate extreme temperatures of -50°C to +300°C for short periods and is chemical-resistant to petrol (for short periods), diesel, paraffin, water, oil and anti-freeze. It also has no negative effect on electrical components such as vehicle sensors, making it the ultimate ‘sensor-safe’ solution. The fact that it is non-corrosive also makes it ideal for electronic components. In addition, it is well-suited for sealing engine sumps, gearboxes, pipe flanges, water pumps and the like.

When applying Pratley RTV Silicone Grey Gasket Maker, the surfaces to be sealed must be cleaned and degreased, which is easily done with Pratley’s Safety Cleaner product. Apply the Pratley RTV Grey Silicone Gasket Maker sealing compound in a single continuous bead to only one of the sealing surfaces to ensure a proper seal. The bead should be applied so that there are no air gaps.


Ideally, ensure that all bolt holes are encircled as well. Assemble the sealing surfaces and tighten the bolts shortly thereafter. The Pratley RTV Silicone Grey Gasket Maker will start to cure within 40 minutes and cure fully after 24 hours.

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