Pratley Marketing Director Eldon KrugerWhile Pratley is well-known in the electrical industry for its high-quality cable glands and junction boxes, it also manufactures and supplies a range of additional electrical products that complement its current range, highlights Marketing Director Eldon Kruger.

Pratley PVC Electrical Tapes

Fitting a cable gland into an installation requires electrical tape to insulate the connection to the apparatus. Pratley supplies PVC electrical tapes for normal application and a flame-retardant version. The latter is mostly specified by large industry, mining, and municipalities. Both PVC tape ranges comply with SANS 122, a requirement of most large institutions.

Pratley PVC Electical Tape Range

Specialised tapes for high-voltage applications include Pratley Rubber Tape, a tough, insulating, and self-amalgamating tape ideal to insulate busbars, transformer bushings, cable tail connections, and high-voltage terminations.

Another popular tape is Pratley’s High-Tension Splicing Tape, a high quality self-fusing tape with excellent electrical properties. The tape is ideal to splice electrical terminations and for corona resistant insulation. The breakdown voltage of the tape is 23 kV per 0.5mm. All Pratley tapes are packaged in useful reusable containers to protect them from contamination, like steel filings or coal dust, when stored in your toolbox.

Blanking Plugs

Pratley also supplies a wide range of blanking plugs to blank off unused entries on any junction box with an unused open cable entry. They are available in both nickel-plated brass and a tough engineered plastic. The blanking plugs are for general-purpose applications or for use in explosive atmospheres / Ex rated applications.

Flameproof Blanking Plugs Tufflon Ex e Blanking Plugs

Pratley Cable Retainers

These anchor cables or piping onto angle iron. They are supplied for use on both 25 mm and 50 mm angle iron. Small or large versions are available to suit any type of strapping material, from cable ties to stainless steel strapping. Each retainer has four possible fitting positions depending upon the cable size that needs to be clamped to the angle iron. Simply turn the retainer to the correct size to match the size of the cable.

Pratley Cable Retainers

“Most electrical installations require these products to complete an electrical installation,” notes Kruger. “The benefit for customers is that they do not have to shop around for these accessories and can procure them from one company. It saves a lot of time and resources for the end user.”

Eldon notes that Pratley conducts ongoing research and development to meet the needs of its diverse customer base. “We have competent and skilled design engineers, constantly developing new and innovative product solutions for our customers. We also have a well-equipped, state of the art electrical testing facility to develop and test new products.”

Pratley prides itself on its customer service and developing highly innovative solutions for its customers. It also has highly qualified technical staff in all the large centres, both locally and internationally, to assist with any application requirement.

It is Pratley policy to produce products that outperform any other directly completing product on the world market. This is a very bold statement to make, and we stand by it,” stresses Kruger. The statement is also printed on all products manufactured and supplied by Pratley.

Pratley accessories can be viewed at or contact any of its branches in Krugersdorp, Durban, Port Elizabeth or Cape Town at