Adaptor/Reducer Application

Do you know the size of the required Adaptor/Reducer?

Find Your Size

Is the External thread 'P' on your entry device tapered?

Diameter 'Y' at bottom of taper [mm]:
Diameter 'Z' at top of taper [mm]:
Diameter of External thread 'P' [mm]:

Is the Internal thread 'R' of your equipment tapered?

Diameter 'X' of Internal thread [mm]:
Diameter of Internal thread 'R' [mm]:

Know Your Size

What is the thread type?

What are the sizes you are looking for?

Material Selection

Will this Adaptor/Reducer be used in a highly corrosive environment?

Comparing the two:

Standard - Brass

  • Normal material
  • Cost effective
  • Better impact resistant
  • Nickel Plated

Special - Stainless Steel

  • Special material
  • Available in 304 and 316
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • More Strength
Flameproof or Standard

Will this Adaptor/Reducer be installed in a Hazardous area?

Comparing the two:


  • No Certification
  • Cost Effective


  • Ex db I/IIC Mb Gb
  • Ex eb I/IIC Mb Gb
  • Ex ta IIIC Da
  • Ex nR IIC Gc
  • IP 66/68 (350m)
  • Underground Mining Certified
Your Solution

The following will best suit your application:

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