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Pratley Electrical Products

Drawing from 65 years of industry experience and the expertise of nearly 200 staff members, we pride ourselves in the manufacture and distribution of highly innovative Electrical Cable Glands, Electrical Junction Boxes and related accessories. Those variants for use in hazardous locations comply with international IECex Standards for Ex n, Ex e and Ex d explosion protected electrical equipment and most also comply with the European ATEX directive. Pratley products can be found in many international mines, petrochemical plants and collieries including those of Sasol, Caltex, Natref, Anglo Platinum, Anglo Gold, Mosgas Offshore, Siemens, AECI, Amcoal and many more. Our market leading electrical products serve the industrial, mining, construction, petrochemical and consumer markets in many countries around the globe.

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Vist our new website, "Pratley Electrical", at or The new site is purely dedicated to Pratley's electrical division and product range. For now, our electrical products on this site will remain and will run in conjunction with the new site.

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Rail Mounted Terminals and Electrical End Connectors
Electrical Insulation Tapes and Miscellaneous Products

Electrical Insulation Tapes

Cable Retainers and Stik 'n Clip Products

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Pratley High Performance Adhesives

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Vist our new website, "Pratley Adhesivesl", at or The new site is purely dedicated to Pratley's adhesive division and product range. For now, our adhesive products on this site will remain and will run in conjunction with the new site.


Pratley manufactures a range of brand leading ultra high performance adhesives (one of which, Pratley Putty®, is the only South African product to have gone to the moon). The adhesive range includes: DIY Epoxies, Acrylics, Anaerobic Adhesives, Cyanoacrylates, Silicone and Acrylic Sealants, Hybrid systems as well as Special Performance industrial adhesives. Pratley is a household brand name in South Africa and is synonymous with ultra high performance adhesives

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Bullet High Performance DIY Adhesives

Bullet Industrial Adhesive Products and Packs

Bullet Pratlok® Range (Thread Locking Adhesives)

Bullet Acrylic and Silicone Sealants

Bullet Miscellaneous Products

What is *B.G.S?

Note: For all MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) please contact our sales department.

Pratliperl lightweight, fireproof aggregate

Pratley Perlite Mining Co. mines and processes South Africa's only viable Perlite and Zeolite deposit. The expanded Perlite, Pratliperl®, differs from conventional Perlite. It has very well sealed beads and being much stronger, it is ideal for mixing with cement for the production of ultra lightweight concrete or for building structures which require the highest degree of thermal insulation and fireproofing. View products

Slag-Ag Slag Coagulant

Pratley Slag-Ag® is an inert, naturally occuring volcanic glass (perlite) which produces no noxious fumes or smoke whatsoever. It allows for the skimming of slag off ladles in one simple operation. Pratley Slag-Ag® forms a heavy, viscous, toffee-like slag which adheres to itself and insulates the surface of the melt. It's a real advance in meltshop practise. View products

Pratley produces a variety of 21st century zeolite based products for Swimming Pool, Fish Tank , Fish Pond/Dam and Waste Water Effluent Filtration. View Products

Pratley produces a variety of 21st century products for the farming and horticultural industries. These products include livestock feed additives, broad spectrum mycotoxin binders, golf course maintenence and mine dump rehabilitation products. View products





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