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    Pratley AnalyticalPratley AnalyticalPratley Analytical

    Pratley Analytical is an autonomous Micro Analysis Division within Pratley. 

    Our aim is to provide confidential and extremely reliable sample analysis with industry leading turn-around times in a customer friendly, interactive way" K.G.M. Pratley (CEO)

    The division services the needs of South African mining, mineral exploration and general industry. Allan Arnold, an experienced earth scientist with world-class credentials, heads up the division. At Cambridge University, Allan was part of the team which analysed moon-rock samples from the Apollo landings. He has field geological experience and qualified at the University of London in Chemistry, Geology and Geochemistry. Allan is one of the most experienced X-ray micro analysts in the world.

    The following instruments and services are offered:

    • Optical Microscopes for reflected and transmitted light microscopy
    • Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS (X-Ray) spectrometer for imaging, identification, photography and microanalysis
    • Electron Microprobe for microanalysis (WDS spectrometers)
    • Atomic Absorption spectroscopy for elemental analysis
    • X-ray powder diffraction
    • Mineral separation based on density (heavy liquid separation) and magnetic separation methods
    • Rock and mineral SG determination
    • Water Remediation
    For more information, please contact Allan Arnold:

    Tel: +27 11 955 2190
    Fax: +27 11 955 3918