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Pratley makes media headlines

Pratley has been in the spotlight recently with the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing and the recognition from SA Mint with the South African Invention series of collectable coins. 

The CNBC Africa media crew toured trough Pratley’s world-class laboratories and facilities and got a glimpse of the wide variety of products at Pratley. Chris Bishop interviewed Managing Director Kim Pratley and his two sons Andrew and Charles Pratley about the company’s achievements and success as a family-owned business for the last 70 years.

Chris Bishop got a first-hand account of what it was like growing up around the factory, and how the family owned business has defined their lives and the future of Pratley’s business.

Pratley to this day is the only South African product to have reached the moon and now ships its products internationally to many countries across the globe.

The interview can be seen on at the following link.

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