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High-performance adhesives prove effective in agri equipment maintenance

Keeping agricultural equipment in top running condition is a priority for farmers, as any downtime due to a lack of maintenance can have a major impact on productivity. Pratley has a wide range of products that can assist farmers in carrying out repairs quickly and cost-effectively, explains Pratley’s National Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Bell.

Agricultural machinery may have many types of bonds that improve the reliability and durability of the finished components. Adhesives are used to either reduce the use of welds and fasteners or to protect and secure flanged, threaded and cylindrical assemblies. An increasingly popular adhesive in vehicle assembly is an industrial acrylic adhesive called Pratley SP020 that is tough and impact resistant, making it ideal for assembly applications where vibration is an issue.

To boost product reliability and reduce downtime and maintenance requirements, adhesives also play a role in protecting and securing flanged, threaded and cylindrical assemblies in the form of thread locking and sealing, gasketing and retaining.

Pratley Pratlok thread-locking adhesives can be used for thread locking due to their anaerobic curing feature. This means that they cure in the absence of oxygen and are applied to the threads of fasteners to prevent them from loosening. Pratlok Hydraulic Grade is a thread sealing anaerobic curing system used to fill the space between threaded parts, forming an instant low-pressure seal that prevents liquid and gas leakages.

Both Pratlok Gasket Grade and Pratley RTV Silicone Gasket Maker are ideal for gasketing, which depends on a perfect seal between components for maximum face-to-face contact, hence reducing the risk of flange face corrosion. Pratlok Penetrating Grade or BRG Grade is an anaerobic retaining compound for securing bearings, bushings and cylindrical parts. This not only makes these assemblies stronger, but reduces the need for maintenance and costly repairs.

For in-cabin bonding, Wondafix Car, Pratley 1-2-3 and Pratley EzeeBond are ideal and cure under normal room temperature. Such cabin bonding solutions are also environmentally friendly as Pratley products do not contain solvents. Pratley 1-2-3 and EzeeBond are from the methyl methacrylate family of adhesives and are toughened to tolerate some vibration.

Wondafix Car is flexible, black in colour, and is an ideal trim shop adhesive due to its sealing properties. It allows for design freedom and is the perfect solution for upholstery repair. It is also ideal for repairing scuffed hoses and has impact, damp, noise and vibration resistant properties.

Pratley’s policy is to produce adhesives that out-perform all others on the world market. Our labs continuously test adhesives from around the world to make sure that this is the case, concludes Mark.