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Products & Services - Construction & Thermal Insulation Products (Perlite)

Pratliperl® 100 litre bag -
(For Lightweight Plaster and Screeds)

99031 (without fibres)
99036 (with fibres)

  • Pre-treated to enable it to mix with ordinary cement for the production of ultra lightweight screeds and plaster
  • Excellent thermal insulator. Stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Just 16mm of Pratliperl plaster doubles the thermal insulation of a two leaf (220mm) external brick wall! Save energy and the environment.
  • Assists in complying with SANS 204
  • Ultra lightweight. Pratliperl concrete will even float on water!
  • Exceptional Fire Resistance
  • Plastering with Pratliperl produces an ultra smooth finish
  • Superior strength
  • Non-toxic dust
  • Does not spall under extreme heat like ordinary concrete or plaster

Pratliperl® 100 litre bag - Untreated
(For loose-fill Insulation) 99020

  • Untreated version of Pratliperl
  • Non-toxic
  • Excellent thermal insulator for loose-fill applications
  • Saves energy and the environment
  • Superior strength
  • Ultra lightweight



Perlite - Grade 45
(Cryogenic Tank Insulation) 99040

  • Superior cryogenic tank insulation
  • Inorganic in structure which means the product will not degrade over time
  • Non Combustible
  • Superior strength
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Pre-packed in 100 litre bags. Also available in bulk!

Pratley Slag-Ag®
(Slag coagulant for foundary use) 99001
  • Skim the slag off molten iron, steel or non-ferrous pouring ladles, thereby minimising scrap resulting from "Slag Inclusions"
  • Apply either to the surface of the melt after the ladle is full or place at the bottom and pour metal onto Slag-Ag®.
  • Where bottom poured ladles are used, Slag-Ag® thoroughly cleans the metal by transporting impurities to
    the to where it coagulates them in the slag throughout the pouring operation.
  • Reduced energy usage by thermally insulating the molten metal surface
  • Inhibits the re-migration of sulphur from the slag back into the melt after desulphurization has taken place.



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