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Note: For all MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) please contact our sales department.

Pratley Putty® Original 80211

  • Was the first of it's kind in the world
  • The only South African product to go to the moon!
  • Hand mouldable adhesive which sets very hard
  • Ideal for underwater use

Pratley Quickset Putty® 84135

  • Exceptionally high strength, hand mouldable, putty-like adhesive
  • Similar to Pratley Putty Standard Setting (Original) except it sets much faster
  • Can be used underwater, but not as easy to apply underwater as Pratley Putty Original

Pratley Steel Putty® 84136

  • Very latest adhesive technology
  • Cures at a medium speed
  • Hand mouldable putty which sets like steel and matches the colour of steel
  • Exceptionally workable, yet when set it is an incredibly strong adhesive

Pratley Quickset White Glue® 85139

  • Best suited for heavy duty applications where surfaces are somewhat rough
  • After mixing, it is thixotropic and has the consistency of soft butter
  • Can be used to fill large gaps where repair requires both adhesive strength and filler

Pratley Quickset Clear Glue® 86143

  • Very versatile adhesive which every family will find useful in the home
  • Can be used in applications where the adhesive should not be visible e.g. on glass
  • Different from White Glue and is not thixotropic

Pratley Steel® 87005

  • Quick setting adhesive metal filler and mender
  • Sets very hard and matches the colour of most ferrous metals
  • Sets rigidly and can facilitate filing, sawing, machining and sanding within 2 hours

Pratley Wondafix® 97007

  • Tough, yet flexible adhesive
  • Patents have been granted in most developed countries
  • Outstanding adhesive properties
  • Flexibility makes it a unique bonding and shock resistant repair system
  • Cures to a tough, hard but flexible rubber

Pratley Wondafix Car® 97004

  • Tough but flexible repair compound for a multitude of problematic car repairs
  • Black in colour and can therefore be used where colour is important

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