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Pratley Adhesive Research labs

Policy Statement:
"It is Pratley policy to manufacture and market products, the performance of which, must at all times exceed that of any directly competing product on the World Market! We invite you
to put this statement to the test."

K.G.M Pratley (Group CEO)

stablished in 1948 by George "Monty" Pratley, the Pratley group of companies rests on a foundation of research and innovation. (See Company History). The Pratley range of brand leading electrical products, high performance DIY and Industrial adhesives, decoupage craft products and unique mineral products serve the industrial, construction, petrochemical and consumer markets world-wide. Pratley manufactures over 800 products, has filed more than 300 patents world-wide and is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited organisation.

The Pratley brand has been fixed in the minds DIY enthusiasts and industrial users as a market leading manufacturer of ultra-high performance adhesives for decades. (one of which, Pratley Putty®, is the only South African product to have gone to the moon!) The range includes: DIY Epoxies, Acrylic Adhesives, Anaerobic Adhesives, Cyanoacrylates, Sealants, Hybrid systems, Special Performance industrial adhesives and decoupage craft products.

Drawing from 65 years of industry experience and the expertise of nearly 200 staff members, we pride ourselves in the manufacture and distribution of highly innovative Electrical Cable Glands, Electrical Junction Boxes and related accessories. Those variants for use in hazardous locations comply with international IECex Standards for Ex n, Ex e and Ex d explosion protected electrical equipment and most also comply with the European ATEX directive. Pratley products can be found in many international mines, petrochemical plants and collieries including those of Sasol, Caltex, Natref, Anglo Platinum, Anglo Gold, Mosgas Offshore, Siemens, AECI, Amcoal and many more. Our market leading electrical products serve the industrial, mining, construction, petrochemical and consumer markets in many countries around the globe.

An affiliate company, Pratley Perlite Mining actively mines Perlite and Clinoptilolite (zeolite) at a unique deposit in South Africa. The ores are processed using exclusively developed proprietary technology to produce some remarkable eco-friendly and energy saving mineral based products for applications such as; ultra-lightweight concrete screeds, thermally insulating plasters, pollution-control, water treatment, swimming pool/pond filtration and farming. Clinoptilolite was also used to clean up the Chernobyl and Three Mile Island nuclear disasters

Recently, the group opened Pratley Analytical, a specialised Microanalysis Division that offers high end minerals analysis and water remediation services to the industrial and mining sectors. See Pratley Products and Services.

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